David Mizrahi & Co. - Class Action Lawsuits

The law firm of David Mizrahi & Co. specializes in class action lawsuits. We work in diverse areas and represent clients who are interested in suing companies, commercial entities and state authorities, on their own behalf and on behalf of a group of plaintiffs of the public.

We don’t get deterred by a just struggle against powerful entities in the economy. We have many achievements in the field of class action lawsuits, specializing in lawsuits against international car manufacturers and importers, lawsuits on consumer issues, communications, banking and more.

As a result of lawsuits conducted by us, the public received a substantial benefit estimated at 200 million ILS in total, and the representative plaintiffs received adequate monetary compensation.

The firm has performed dozens of collaborations with lawyers who, through us, have promoted class action lawsuits directed at them.

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Class Action Lawsuits - Verdicts

Our firm has achieved a large number of verdicts that include adequate monetary compensation both for the plaintiffs who turned to us and for the public who also suffered losses. These are verdicts against highly powerful commercial entities and commercial institutions, which have caused injustice to consumers, whether by marketing a vehicle with a serial malfunction, a defective product, or a discriminatory service.

Among other things, we obtained major verdicts and compensations from car companies such as Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru, Hyundai and more, as well as from commercial companies such as Leumi Card, LG and more.

Here are some examples of significant verdicts: